How to measure the rate of anonymized queries in Google Search Console

How many queries do you lose on GSC? How to measure the percentage of anonymized queries - those that are omitted from Google Seach Console but are included in chart totals, unless you filter by query.

A recent Google Search Central blog post about performance data filtering and limits says this:

Anonymized queries are those that aren’t issued by more than a few dozen users over a two-to-three month period. To protect privacy, the actual queries won’t be shown in the Search performance data. This is why we refer to them as anonymized queries. While the actual anonymized queries are always omitted from the tables, they are included in chart totals, unless you filter by query.

In summary:

  • in no-filtered performance reports totals include all searches,
    showed queries + anonymized (lost) queries
  • in performance reports filtered by query, the totals include only the showed GSC queries

So how can I know the percentage of queries omitted by Google Search Console due to anonymization?

I did it this way:

  1. I go into Performance and note total clicks and impressions
  2. I do a query filter with regex that matches everything 👉 .* 
    A non-filter actually; but applying this will return me the sums of only showed queries. 😉

Thanks to Riccardo Mares for inspiring me.

This way I can have a percentage of queries GSC does note show me out of the total.
Riccardo reports an average of 40-60% of showed queries.
For my sites I am around on 50-70%.

I see a connection between query intent and statistical possibility of anonymization.
In my opinion, queries with informational intent are more likely to be anonymized.

How about you? What is the percentage of queries you lose on the way?

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